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By donovangoode, Jun 29 2017 10:09AM

A huge welcome to Gemma Monksfeld, the newest member of the Donovan Goode family. With more than 12 years' experience in men's and women's hairstyling, she loves creative colour and has a great eye for offering clients something new, fresh and on trend.

To celebrate her arrival, when booking with Gemma we'll be offering all clients a 20% introductory offer until the end of July.

By donovangoode, Jun 29 2017 09:55AM

Discover the new natural feel.

Biolage R.A.W. is Real. Authentic. Wholesome. This powerful haircare regimen gives you the power to create the hair you've always dreamed of, while being good for you and good for the environment. Biolage R.A.W. is a range of feel-good, look-good, do-good haircare. This 70-100% natural-origin haircare range provides a unique sensory experience combined with true professional results. So live Real. Authentic. Wholesome. #LiveRAW

We are offering luxurious treatments in salon with extended scalp massages for you to get the full benefits of the RAW products. See our ranges below and your stylist will help you pick the perfect range for you.

1) Uplift range

Purifies flat, fine hair without harsh stripping using ingredients black sesame, grapefruit, kiwi and kaolin clay.

2) Recover range

Restores shine to stressed, sensitised hair using ingredients yucca, goji berry, coriander oil and kaolin clay.

3) Nourish range

Transforms dry, dull hair in to healthy_looking soft locks. Using coconut oil, honey and quinoa husk and kaolin clay.

By donovangoode, Jun 28 2017 10:13AM

Congratulations to Shannon who has worked incredibly hard and has passed her NVQ Level 2 in hairdressing. Shannon will be now moving up to junior stylist so look out for her offers as a budding stylist. She will continue her training in September towards her Level 3.

A big well done goes to Sophie who has finished her NVQ Level 3 earlier this year. She's most certainly found her creative flair and clients are loving her work. She's now taking an NVQ in barbering. Well done Sophie!

Congratulations to Gemma on the birth of Freddie. Gemma is well loved by her clients and will be missed in the salon while she takes the summer away to enjoy Freddie's first moments.

By donovangoode, Mar 31 2017 10:40AM

Ask any mother (especially one with two kids under five) what they'd like for Mothers Day and you'll get one of, or multiple, stock answers:

A lie in.

To wee in peace.

'Me' time.

My husband got the top one. I possibly mumbled something about being 'perpetually tired' anyway. I didn't ask for the miracle of an audience-free wee and I don't recall asking for 'me' time.

So imagine my excitement when the day before Mothers Day I was treated to a pamper at a local salon! A whole hour and a half of massage and facial treatments. Bliss!

The salon belongs to Beth and her business partner Tina. Beth has over a decade of experience in the beauty industry (she once massaged Dean Cain - so technically she's massaged Superman!) Beth is the beauty expert whilst Tina and her team can do fantastic things with hair.

The salon is in Blaby, a bustling little town in Leicestershire. The salon itself is bright, spacious and contemporary whilst being welcoming and friendly.

The beauty salon is situated upstairs which really allows you to feel as if you are escaping the outside world for a little (or a long) time. You first come to the Nail Lounge which is in keeping with the contemporary theme of the rest of the salon but with cushions, soft lighting and drapes which make it feel calming and luxurious.

The Nail Lounge

I was lucky enough to be treated to a 'Back to Life' back massage and a 'First Class' facial, which is personalised to your skin and what you need. The salon uses Spa Find products which are made using combinations of pure Dead Sea minerals, organic plant extracts and de-ionised water. The products contain no genetically modified or animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. The idea behind Spa Find is that many skin complaints and conditions are due to an imbalance of minerals and vitamins in our bodies. By using these products, the aim is that our bodies can re-balance and restore from the inside out.

I was shown to the treatment room which has lovely little touches like heated treatment bed (table/bench - whatever the technical word is!) and a pot of deodorant spray, hair brush and cotton pads for after your treatment.

The back massage was both relaxing and purposeful. Of course, relaxing WAS the purpose, but I also had some real knots in my back from the usual 'Mother of Toddler' stuff like sleeping on his bedroom floor for three hours in the middle of the night, and carrying him round the supermarket whilst also pushing the trolley because he is refusing to sit in said trolley despite me trying to bribe him with crisps. That sort of thing.

Beth worked on certain areas of my back that had taken the strain of the supermarket carrying and the floor sleeping, ensuring that the tension was released and that I wasn't going to leave with muscles just as knotted as when I'd walked in! But it was also bliss to just lie there and feel that tension slip away. No wonder it's called 'Back to Life' (though, ironically, you may also be so relaxed that you nearly fall asleep).

Once my back massage was finished (sob!) I had my facial. However, I enjoyed this just as much, possibly even more so. Beth asked about any problems with my skin (mega hormonal in case you were wondering) and applied products accordingly. Stabilizing cleanser, toning spray, moisturiser and calming serum, as well as a deep peeling cream, a black mud mask and an eye and neck rejuvenator. Whilst the mask was on I also got a scalp massage (divine). I wish I'd taken a before and after picture of my skin because the difference, especially the following day was amazing. It really did look, and feel, as if my skin had stabilised after a couple of weeks of being decidedly unstable.

The whole experience was wonderful. I have visited the salon before but never for such a long indulgent treat! The best thing about this salon is that you really feel listened to. You feel important, never rushed, and that your treatments are individualised and personalised to work for you. The salon has typography behind the reception desk and it sums up their approach perfectly:

I was asked to write up my honest experience and, as a thank you, Donovan Goode is offering my wonderful readers a £10 discount when spending £35 or more on beauty treatments by quoting the blog 'And Then There Were Two'. I am also doing a little competition over on my Facebook page meaning you could also win £20 credit from me just for reading and sharing. So, if you're in Leicester (or anywhere else and you fancy a little jaunt to see where King Richard was buried or you want to visit the home of the reigning Premier League Champions - might need to hurry up on that one) then pay the salon a visit, say you've read this and pamper yourself (or your mum, auntie, boyfriend, sister etc etc)! You can follow the salon here on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat: donovangoode15

By donovangoode, Jan 27 2017 11:10AM

What is BOND Ultim8 and what is it used for?

BOND Ultim8 is a hair bond protecting system that delivers lasting bond protecting benefits. It prevetns bond breakage during chemical hair processes and protects the bonds over time.

Eight things you need to know about BOND Ultim8

Discover eight benefits in one with the power of BOND Ultim8. Protect bonds and keep hair strong in the same service:

1. Helps protect bonds during lightening

2. Maintians expected lift

3. No reformulation needed

4. No additional time needed

5. Helps prevent hair breakage

6. Helps preserve hair fibres

7. Deeply nourishes

8. Hair looks healthier

How does BOND Ultim8 work?

Step 1 of the treatment preserves the strong bonds in the hair and traps ions by removing damaging bleach. Step 2 restores the bonds that have been weakened by the chemical process. You can continue the process at home using Step 3, the Weekly Sealing Treatment, which maintains and reinforces bonds. Ask us for more information during your next visit.

Matrix BOND Ultim8
Matrix BOND Ultim8
BOND Ultim8 formula
BOND Ultim8 formula
BOND Ultim8 ways to break bonds
BOND Ultim8 ways to break bonds
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