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Body Treatments

Sleep Suit - Full Body Exfoliation and Moisturise 30min £28

Enjoy a full body salt scrub to leave your skin feeling super soft before having a suit of moisturiser smoothed onto the skin. You’ll be left not only velvety smooth but also ready for bed.




Settle back – Exfoliating back treatment 30min £30

A back exfoliation followed by either a massage or mini massage and mask depending on your concerns. A nice refreshing and rejuvenating treatment.




Hopi Ear Candles 40mins £25

A super relaxing treatment that not only helps with congestion, sinuses and blockages to the ears but is a wonderfully peaceful therapy perfect for those wanting to switch off. After each candle a massage to the face and scalp is carried out helping to relieve pressure.




St. Tropez Spray Tan 20min £25

This express tan is St Tropez’s most innovative formula which can be showered off after just one hour or leave on for up to 3 hours for a deeper darker tan.



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