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Walk In, Float Out: Full body massage, £38 (1 hour)

Exactly as the title describes we expect you to walk in and float out feeling wonderfully relaxed. This full body massage is designed to ease aching muscle from top to toe whilst also calming the mind.  


Back to Life: Back massage, £22 (30 mins) / £28 (45mins)

All you have to do is choose your treatment time then let your therapist do the rest. This treatment will aid relaxation whilst smoothing out any tension and knots. This is your time to recharge, re-energise and restore.


Top of the world: Back, neck and scalp massage, £30 (45 min)

For extra me time why not include a neck and scalp massage to your back treatment? The perfect balance between essential massage and relaxation.

Massage top of back (600x800)

Head in the Clouds: Shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage, £36 (45 mins)

Perfect for those who love, love, love a scalp massage! Warm oil is wonderfully massaged from your shoulders, over your face and up into your hair. This magical remedy is ideal for those needing to clear their head and wave goodbye to stress.  


Island Retreat: Lava shell back massage, £32 (30 mins) / £40 (45 mins)

The world’s first self-heating massage tool, lava shells are devised to ease tension and melt away aches and pains through a seamless massage of heat and touch. Delightfully soothing this treatment will leave you in a state of tranquillity.


Heavenly Skies: Hot salt poultice massage - £45 back massage (45 mins), £60 full body massage (1 hr 30 mins)

Spa Find Heaven massage is based on ancient Thai and Egyptian techniques using hot salt poultices to ease muscle tension and deeply relax the body and mind whilst balancing of the emotional, physical, and spiritual being.

heaven poultice massage (533x800)

Sports Massage

Whether you play sport or not, sports massage can be an essential part of your routine. Not only does it make you feel great, it also has many physical benefits. Sports massage will help to relieve your body of aches, pains and injuries.


Amanda Gale, our in-house sports massage therapist, can treat your injuries or simply carry out a maintenance massage. If you prefer the softer touch, aromatherapy massges are also available; pre-blended oils will be used to help you drift off into your own little world.


One-hour sports massage, £45

30-minute sports massage, £30

15-minute taster session, £15


One-hour aromatherapy session, £50

30-minute aromatherapy session, £35


Please note that these sports massage treatments must be paid in cash.